Hello there! I am Laura, a 21 year old English student whose been nicknamed Lozzy 
(Lozzy Maye or Lozzy Em) since before I care to remember. 
This is my new platform to discuss the issues that bother me, share information or promote the causes I care about and bring you into my little world. Don't worry it's not all going to be heavy stuff!
For along time I suffered with awful social anxiety and other issues. While I'm still the introvert I have always been, over time, I have simply mastered the art of not caring (or atleast not caring as much).
My confidence has grown a great deal over the past years and I am finally in a place that I can be honest about my take on the world and the person I am. I have to say I actually quite like that person nowadays, but nobody's perfect and I'm always trying to improve myself, to be a better person. 
In one sense I want to document that journey and in another I just want to share a little of the person I am now with the world. 
Look forward to regular monthly features, and a little bit of everything and anything including beauty, fashion, food, health, travel, etc. etc.

Disclaimer: All images on this site are my own unless otherwise credited in the appropriate fashion.