Saturday, 30 July 2016


Remember that really, really ridiculously hot day the other week, so hot that #hottestdayoftheyear took over twitter? When every British person united to complain about our long awaited glimpse of summer. (Lesson learned, be careful what you wish for!) Well, on that particular day I had nothing to do. It was too hot to work on clearing my room, organising my life or doing any productive, and unfortunately that heat happened to rise up in the middle of the week so I had no one to bother with my company. Damn people, having to work for a living. Within 10 minutes of trying to read in the garden I was pretty much stewing in my own sweat and struggling to breathe through the humidity, there was no breeze and God, I needed air. So after lolling around the house for a little while, unable to get comfortable or settle anywhere, I had a magical idea. Why not go for a walk in the park? Okay, okay, actually exercise was the furthest thing from my mind, what I was really thinking about was cold, refreshing, delicious ice cream. But from that came the revelation that I could satisfy this craving quite quickly by popping over to my local park’s little tea room.

So book in hand and a last minute thought for my camera and the opportunity to work on my very amateur photography skills I headed out. It was lovely to stroll around the park and observe families enjoying the weather together. I took a fair few photos before settling down under a tree with my novel and long awaited mint choc chip ice cream, and here's a few I thought I'd share.

Note: These are unedited original images. 


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