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JULY 16: Top 5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Buys

This is me trying to branch out in to the world of beauty blogging by sharing my current favourite beauty buys which just happen to all be cruelty-free! Hope you enjoy this post, which is the first of its kind to feature on my blog but is hopefully just the start of something new. Please note that the below are not in any particular order.

Number 1: Tesco's PRO Formula Eye Make-up Remover Pads for Sensitive Skin, £1 from Tescos

These have been my go to for removing eye makeup for, well it must have been atleast 2 years! They're an absolute bargain at £1 for 30 and manage to take off even waterproof makeup without any hardship. No more rubbing your eyes raw trying to get that stubborn waterproof mascara, or giving up on budging that last bit of false lash glue.
They are fairly heavily saturated and remain so throughout use and don't dry out at all in the packet even after a month and a half, or that's as long as I can offer testament to.

Number 2: Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara, £10.50 from Boots

This is another of my long time favourites, mostly because I am yet to find a mascara that can compete in both quality and price. Soap and Glory's collagen formula works to strengthen and lengthen your lashes whilst providing a intense and voluminous look. Having deep set eyes I often find that other mascaras, especially if they're not waterproof, can flake and smudge throughout the day, but Thick and Fast is the rare exception.

Number 3: Argan Secret Perfect End, £13.99 from

Not only is Argan Secret Perfect End cruelty free, but this particular product is also suitable for vegans. (However is not endorsed by any recognisable logo so beware!) Personally, I worship this product and dread to think what state my hair would be in after all the bleaching it's endured over the last 3 years if not for this life/hair-saver! Perfect End is a lightweight cream, no more greasy or heavy hair, that is packed with nutrients such as Hydrolyzed Wheat proteins and Pathenol which work to dramatically decrease the appearance of split end while giving the impression of thicker hair. I would say it's a must have for anyone with dry or damaged hair!

Number 4: E.L.F's Essential Lip Kiss Balm in Smoochy Spice, £3 from

This particular lip balm never leaves my side, although I chop and change between a statement eye and lip this will be forever be my go to lip balm. For one I love it's subtle colour that goes with any look, plus it works wonders for dry lips. E.L.F have really created magic here with their 'baby soft' formula blended with Vitamins A and E, Grape Seed oil and Jojoba oil. My only little niggle is that the minty scent just doesn't really work for me, but it doesn't sting which I have found similar products to do!

Number 5: The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, £12 from TheBodyShop
Please be aware that The Body Shop has recently redesigned this product's packaging, but I have been assured the product remains the same.

And last but not least is a product that I have been bulk buying for years. Body Shop's Vitamin E BB Cream offers medium coverage that works to provide 12 hour skin nourishment, protection and moisture. It's cooling sensation and lightweight formula make it the perfect alternative for the summer days, that is if unlike England your country actually provides you with a summer!

What are your favourite Cruetly-Free products at the moment? Let me know what you think of this post and the products featured in the comments below! 

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