Friday, 27 May 2016

App of the Month: Colorfy

Colouring is the new trend when it comes to stress busting. I know I feel I can't go anywhere without being bombarded with an assortment of beautiful patterns and stencils just waiting to brought to life by colour. Sadly, I'm actually yet to treat myself to one of these adult colouring books, partly because I simply can't chose just one! But also because while I've been battling my way through my final year of uni I've told myself that I simply lack the time. How awful is that? Telling myself that I don't have time for colouring, not exactly a good example for self-care there... Bad, Laura! However, I solved this problem the way I try to approach all issues in life, a good ol' fashion compromise.

Name: Colorfy
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free (In-App Purchases)
Available On: Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Apps 

It was a good day the day I stumbled upon Colorfy, the original colouring app. I didn't have to worry about how much time colouring might consume, the extortionate prices of the prettiest colouring books or having to dig all my old art supplies out any more. All it took was a second and there I was ready for some fuss free, mess free, stress-reducing colouring!
During exam time, and essay season, this app is a perfect way to unwind quickly. Okay, it might not give you the 'full pencil colouring experience', as you don't get to make any soothing pencil strokes and get your 'shading' on, but you're guaranteed never to colour outside the lines! And if you decide you don't like a colour scheme as much as you thought you would you can change it, no problem! So yes, there are advantages to a virtual colouring world.

Colorfy provides you with a never ending supply of stencils, all catalogued under themes, which range from Animals and Nature to Mandalas and Oriental patterns. Plus there are always being more being added, so you're sure to find something to get those creative juices following. But even if after hours and hours of scrolling through the masses of designs you haven't found anything that takes your fancy, well fear not as you can create your own! What to create a funky little design of your own? Or how about remaking your favourite photo or you and your best friend? Well that's all possible too!

Whether you fancy a new way of advertising blogposts on instagram, or want to send a cute little message to your favourites, you can do it with Colorfy. They have a range of backgrounds, stickers, fonts and borders you can play with for free or to purchase, for you to make your own stencil. But that's not all, photo's can be imported from your camera roll to create your new masterpiece. Although what you end up with at the end of this process can be a bit hit or miss, so I'd recommend turning the contrast right up before you import any photos rather than using the capture feature. Just as that way you might just be able to still recognise the initial image in the finished product, but then again impressionist art might be your thing.

With your free download you get access to all stencils, all fonts, a range of stickers and backgrounds as well as the Basic and Autumn colour palettes and one Free Daily palette which changes periodically, although not everyday though as you might expect.  The rest you can unlock with a 7 day free trail before buying a month or year subscription which will cost you £5.99 or £29.99 and allows unlimited access to all features.

And if you still struggle for inspiration you can browse through other user's works of arts and share your own after going through a little editing process. All in all it's a great app whether you choose to unlock extra palettes or not, I'm yet to sign up for a subscription but have spent more than enough time experimenting with the free colour schemes! Plus, it's a very easy way to get a bit of chillaxing done while being creative and passing time. Well done, Colorfy, you've earned a great big LozzyMaye sticker of approval!

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