Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Uni Room

I apologise for having neglected my blog recently, my final year of university is getting pretty intense, but I'll be free before too long and back to posting regularly. Just please bare with me for the next month!
One thing I really enjoy is having a nose around people's rooms, whether it be their bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and if not that then the next best thing is wandering around ikea showrooms. I've slowly started to gain an interest in interior design, or maybe a better word for what I enjoy is 'room aesthetics'? Either way I enjoy playing around with my room and making it feel as homely and as 'me' as possible. Back in October I published a post about dealing with homesickness at uni (which you can read here) in which I advised making your spaces at uni reflect your own personal touches. As a follow up to that I thought I'd share photos of what I did to my bedroom in this year's student house which could perhaps act as a form of inspiration, or otherwise just be something a bit different to post.

So here we are, starting with my before picture which was actually taken when I first viewed the house and before I actually knew that this would end up being my bedroom for the year. As you can gather it's not the largest of rooms, I would probably describe it as a small double. Once I moved in I arranged for the bookcase to be replaced with a desk but otherwise all the furniture seen here was included in my contract and belongs to the landlord not myself.

The majority of bits and pieces I have scattered around my room have been collected over a number of years so I'm afraid I can't share where to get hold of them, but I do hope you've enjoyed my room!

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