Wednesday, 30 March 2016

App of the Month: Pacer

We're coming in to April! Can you believe how fast the time can fly!? It feels like only moments ago I was deliberating over my new year's resolutions, and I'm sure I can't be the only one who hasn't seen as much progress in that area as I'd like. The majority of my guilt stems from not keeping up the promises I made to myself regarding fitness routine, I'm afraid I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks now... Looks like that vow of a minimum of 2 weekly visits was just a farce. However I've not been feeling too guilty for neglecting my workouts and it's all down to the peace of mind that this month's App gives me!

Name: Pacer
Category: Fitness
Price: Free (Upgrade to Pro available in-app)
Available On: iPhone, Android, Amazon App Store

I've often to felt tempted to fall in to the trend of buying a fitbit, or pedometer to monitor my daily exercise in the hope that it'll motivate me to get out and do more but I generally tend to conclude that it's an unnecessary expenditure that my student budget won't allow. Then I stumbled upon Pacer which acts as a great compromise - it covers all the basics and is completely free! (No budget can argue with that!) As you can probably gather from its name, Pacer's primary function is as a pedometer, measuring your daily step total, but it has several other nifty little features built in.

I think it's best to say up front that a phone app is only ever going to be accurate to a certain degree, and that's definitely not going to be the highest one. Therefore I feel it's best to treat the numbers it throws at you as purely an estimate, which of course is better than nothing and can still tell you a lot. How can a little thing like an accuracy issue not be forgiven when this app can do much and should suit the majority if not all your fitness needs?

The app's home screen is a 'step-dial' which shows the running total of steps for that day in comparison to your goal, which can be recommended by the app itself or set manually. This screen also tells you when in the day you've been active, how long you've been active for, the amount of calories burned, the distance travelled and your current level of activity whether that be sedentary, lightly active, active etc. ... So there' a lot of information right there! All of this data is stored automatically so you can look back on how you fair each week, month or year and study any trends. For me there's always a big dip if I go home for a week or in the holidays as I have my boyfriend to chauffeur me everywhere instead of having to walk so obviously he'll always be to blame if I ever put on weight. Speaking of which I can keep track of that with Pacer too! You can keep an eye on your weight (the app will automatically calculate your BMI for you) and blood pressure if you wish by weighing in as often or as little as suits.

Pacer isn't just limited to your daily strolls, you can also add in any other exercise you've undertaken during the day whether that be swimming, cycling, aerobics or something else. There's also a great run tracker included, which has an option for giving positive feedback updating you on your accomplishments as you go. Yup, you don't have to download a separate app for that! As a result you can be confident that the app is giving you a fully cohesive view of your fitness journey, even if it's not entirely accurate. 


So that's what Pacer has to offer you on a basic level, or at least the features which I tend to use on the daily. However to stop there would be leaving out an entire other dimension to Pacer, that of social media. See with Pacer you can create and join groups or goal forums with users from around the world in aid to support each other. You can 'check in' when you complete a goal, share photos and updates, direct message, follow certain users and comment and favourite posts. If you want it, there's a huge fitness community at your fingertips!

As for your goals, you can set as many as you like although the app will generally centre on your step-taking. For the users among us that stick to the free version, our goals are generally to do with daily activities and just appear in a list where we have the ability to 'check in' when we complete them. These are things like drinking more water, eating more vegetables/fruit, sleeping a full 8 hours or completing a set workout/amount of steps. However this changes if you decide to upgrade to Pro for the cost of £2.99 a month or £14.99 for the year, where you'll unlock a load more features such as guided coaching, advanced insights and better tracked goals and targets. All of this is estimated to up your active calories by 15% and help you lose 2.5 times the weight loss.

As I am yet to see the need to upgrade I'm afraid I won't be going into everything that's offered but even without Pro I find Pacer an incredibly useful and inclusive fitness app perfect for all my needs! Plus you don't feel so guilty about all the easter eggs you've eaten when yesterday's shopping spree helped you burn off 500+ calories!

Download Pacer today, or find out more here!

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