Tuesday, 23 February 2016

REVIEW: Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste with Fluoride

I hate to repeat myself but for those who don’t already know I’m on the path to a Vegan lifestyle. While converting my diet is a painfully slow process that goes up and down, I’m doing really well at switching out non-vegan products whether they be cosmetic, cleaning or whatever else. Recently I’ve been looking for a vegan toothpaste, and thought that I’d share my experiences with you as I go around sampling a few.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I bought this product with my own money after conducting my own research and all views expressed here are my own.

A few weeks ago I picked up a tube of Kingfisher’s MintToothpaste from Holland and Barrett for £3.59. As this is the first time I've tried vegan toothpastes I thought the Kingfisher brand would be the best to go for, simply because they're suppose to be the best! In fact it it prides itself on providing the UK’s leading Natural Toothpaste. That's not just down to them trying to sell themselves, Kingfisher has been awarded with an Ethical consumer best buy guarantee, so as you can imagine I was expecting to be wowed.
Kingfisher offers 8 varieties of toothpaste including baking soda, fluoride-free and fluoride flavours such as Aloe Vera and Green Tea, Fennel, Strawberry and Mint. I must say I was tempted by the more unconventional flavours but  thought that the traditional mint flavour would offer me the easiest transition from the usual Colgate. Baking soda was a no-go due to the sensitivity of my teeth and since there’s currently no fluoride added to the water in Wales that lead me to opt for the fluoride version this time round. Makes sense, huh?

So what did I think? First up the taste, because that’s pretty important, I guess. Well before Kingfisher I had never realised how much I hated the taste of toothpaste! It might sound a little odd but that strong usually kinda sweet mint that I just accepted as being what toothpastes taste, well it turns out I don't like that. Kingfisher’s mint is fresh but not at all artificial in taste, a much welcomed change for me! It did seem almost weird, or subtle would be a better word, when I first used it but I quickly grew it prefer it and when circumstances dictated I went back to my usual Colgate for a little while I missed it so much. I don’t think I can adequately explain the change in taste but it was for the better, so apologies for my poor explanation there. But to sum up it's good.

But then again what is taste if it’s not doing its job!? Kingfisher is approved by British Dental Health Foundation so I don’t think we need to worry about that! (However note that this approval only seems to apply to fluoride toothpastes.) Although I'll admit I was worried, I had this silly idea in my head that natural toothpaste wouldn't be as effective without any nasty chemicals. I was terrified that within a fortnight my teeth would be at best, yellow and stained, and at worst, falling out! 
I've always had this weird obsession with my teeth, I just can't go to bed without cleaning them and have the most vigorous dental care routine out of most people I know - yes I'm a regular floss-er and proud! But to be fair I probably need it to counteract the huge amounts of black coffee I drink on the regular, my occasional cigarettes (yes I still haven't completely kicked the habit yet) which probably doesn't help my sensitive teeth. So to sum up, this toothpaste had quite a challenge with my teeth and picky tendencies!

But I am very happy to say that it lived up to the challenge. My teeth felt squeaky clean after every brush and there was no yellowing or staining atall! In fact my teeth were in wonderful condition! As I've already said it tasted lovely and foamed really well so although it’s a little more expensive than other toothpastes you don’t need to use a lot. In fact it seems that this tube is lasting a little longer than the usual! As for my sensitivity, it was okay for the most part but did play up every now and again so if I do continue to use this product I'll probably start oil pulling again to help with that or find another sensitive teeth friendly product to use alongside.

So to conclude this is a vegan, cruelty-free, tasty and effective toothpaste that I am very happy with! You’ve earned the first ever official LozzyMaye stamp of approval, Kingfisher, go you!

Let me know about any vegan/cruelty-free products that you’d recommend. 

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Saturday, 13 February 2016

App of the Month: 94%

This app of the month is another game, it seems that I might be in danger of getting a taste for game apps! The following is one that I have rather enjoyed having on my phone for the past little while.

Name: 94%
Category: Game
Price: Free
Available On: Android and iPhone

I apologise if I find this particular game a little hard to explain, please try and bear with me! 94% is a brainteaser, to give a very basic summation. I do tend to enjoy this ‘genre’, if you will, of game the most. Sudoku, chess, mazes, cross words, riddles and puzzles are all things that appeal to me; probably because I like the stress they bring into my life and the sweet satisfaction of thinking how smart I am when I finally crack them. Who cares what my latest grades are if I’m in the top ranks of my Sudoku app? 94% works by posing a question of a theme or idea, which then requires to you to come up with a number of things that other users have responded with in surveys. So it’s basically Family Fortunes, or for any American readers Family Feud, wrapped up into an app. Was that an okay explanation?

This isn’t a game I played by myself however (okay sometimes), it was fun to play with my friends and family. When on long journeys up to Cardiff or waiting in airport lounges we would often get bored of the radio or conversation might temporarily run dry so this worked as a great group game. It was great fun, and we all managed to come up with some hilarious answers in desperation to complete levels. If you really struggle you can unlock letters to the words with the tokens earned from completing previous levels. Some topics are easier than others, while some of the responses can be hard to come up with, no matter how obvious they seem once you’ve got them. There tends to be two kinds of levels; pictures and words. The pictures are usually the easiest, and work well to break up an otherwise potentially monotonous process.

Oh, and of course you can choose to take part in the surveys as they come out, meaning there are forever new levels being added! A game that can never ever be completed doesn’t really fit with me, I like to think I’ve got the end and accomplished something. But I’m sure that’s not the case with everyone as I know other games like this, such as 4 pics 1 word and wordbrain, have been very popular. If you are completing surveys try to make sure not to make life too hard on others with your answers! After experiencing a few very hard final guesses I may have given into the temptation of doing that myself, you all deserved it after all for making my life so difficult! But I’m sure an answer has to be given a minimum number of times before it get integrated into the game – so you probably won’t suffer because of me! I’m both guilt and blame free I promise you.

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