Monday, 11 January 2016

Feelings of Gratitude

So now that Christmas is long gone, and pretty much forgotten as we put all our concentration into the new year and all those challenges we've been silly enough to set ourselves. I've never been hugely in to Christmas, but I don't think any one can truly say they don't enjoy the season. It's all about what truly matters to us, getting all cosy with the ones we love and there's plenty of things to do: Christmas shopping, the Christmas lights switch-on, decorating, cooking... It's hugely busy, and probably the most social time of the year (Even if we feel at our least social, I mean who wants to go out in in the winter weather). I can't be the only one guilty of completely ignoring all my uni work so I can gorge on family time and cuddles with the boyfriend.
But with everything that's going on, the message can get a little lost as we spend more time worrying if we bought enough for people, whether they'll like their gifts or not rather than how much quality time we're actually spending together. There's a huge list of stress inducing issues at this time of year which means constant distractions.

I have to say I feel spoilt every year, especially since being at university, but this year felt like something different all together, so I wanted to put a post together to say a big thank you to all those who made my holidays so special. I feel sometimes we can forget to say it and really mean it. My thank you cards have all been posted, and this year I took the extra time to stress just how grateful I am for the things I was spoilt with. By sharing this with all of you I hope to inspire the same kinda thoughts and positive thinking. When I talk about being spoilt I don't mean in terms of physical presents but time, friendship, love and all the rest of those soppy things. At the end of the day, things are just things and we can't really measure our self-worth or the love of others against them. Yes, it's a good feeling opening a pretty present on the 25th December or your birthday or whatever special occasion it is, but it's not the most important thing.

Decorating the tree and house was so much fun!

To My Momma
Thank you for your endless support in everything I do, and always wanting what's best for me - even if we don't always agree on what that is. You're forever there for me no matter when I call or where in the world you are. Sometimes I feel your only goal in life nowadays is ensuring that I'm as happy as possible and my life goes as smoothly and as easily as it can, something I can take for granted. Forgetting that you're not just my mom, but a person with everything of your own to deal with. As  much as I want to, I feel like I'll never be able to repay you for all the stuff you've done and continue to do for me. You always put yourself out for me, even when it's not necessary, you should really stop! You're the first person to run to my rescue.
Thank you for coming all the way up to Cardiff to pick me up so I didn't have to get the train home and struggle with all my uni books. Thank you for insisting that I bring all my laundry home, because you wanted me to focus more on my end-of-term assignments and just looking after myself. Thank you for doing all you do and continuing to do it  even if I forget to say real 'thank you's each and every time. Thank you for your silly need to feel like your treating and spoiling me when you've already done too much. Thank you for forgiving me for an abundance of bad moods, tantrums and forgetting to keep in contact as much as I should (and want to) while I'm away.
Thank you for all the gorgeous home cooked meals, and delivering them up to me in Cardiff whenever you visit! The nagging, as annoying as it can be, it shows you care and worry about me, plus I do need that kick up the butt every once in a while. Thank you for not holding it against me when I slip up and prioritise time with the boyfriend over you, and understanding why, I'm so sorry for that! Thank you for hosting the most amazing Christmas and making it so special, for all I've mentioned and all I haven't as if I wrote down everything I doubt I'd ever finish.

I really enjoyed our family trip to the Hippodrome's Panto.
To My Ickle Sister
Thank you for not only being my sister but the greatest friend I've had all my life; well, actually not my life but yours. I know we hardly talk what with our busy busy lives at university and Christmas was the first time I'd seen you since September! But I know you're always here for me and know I'm always here for you! Thank you for the random calls, the not getting each other presents pact because we're poor students, being more of a big sister than a little one when I need it and usually always being on my side (or atleast telling me you are) but still telling me, always in the best and kindest way, when I'm in the wrong. Thank you for the lovely times this Christmas, the words of encouragement whenever I need them, beauty tips and eyebrow appreciation.

Cooking our first family all Vegetarian dinner was a blast!
To My Boyfriend
 Oh how you would hate this! But grimace and read on like you do with all my essay texts. So thank you for doing that every time! Of course thank you for the surprise presents and spoiling me when I really felt I didn't need deserve it and for telling me that I do. Thank you for choosing to spend your money on me, at a time you had every reason and excuse not to.
Thank you for all your patience, when I say the wrong things, get hysterical as you put up with all my forever ongoing 'problems' and 'issues' whether that be health (mental or physical), general drama or whatever else life throws at me. Thank you for listening to me whenever I have to get shit off my chest, ramble on about nothing and all those other things. Thank you for always being there for me, on the end of the phone, text message and willing to do a hell of a lot for me. And of course the biggest thank you for putting up and coping with three years of a long distance relationship, at last it's finally almost over.
Thank you for forgiving me for all my mistakes, for telling me how it is when I need to hear it and kicking my butt when I need that too. Thank you for all that you're taught me, and all you've given me over the years; the confidence, independence, self-awareness, the list goes on. Thank you for being the best boyfriend I've ever had and could ever want. 

I have quite a few more thank yous to write and to say; my flatmates, best friends, friends, my boyfriend's family... But as much as I hate to think it there's probably always going to be a thank you I'm going to forget, so one of my new goals for 2016 is to say real thank you's more often. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my thank you notes, as soppy and cringey as they are (something I hate being!). 

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