Saturday, 2 January 2016

Catching up with Christmas Television

'Tis the season for great telly, sha-la-la-la-la, la, la, la, la.
Oh sorry, is that not how it goes? If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have spent my day being disgustingly lazy, which involved curling up with a hot water bottle and chocolate Santa and catching up with all the great television I've missed over the last few weeks.
Like many students, I no longer have the privilege of watching TV due to my refusal to purchase either a television or TV license, and therefore have been left to survive on only what Netflix has to offer (not that that's a bad thing). So when coming home for Christmas one of the big perks after seeing my family, not having to do my own laundry, having home cooked meals and all the other big things is being able to have a flick through the TV guide and watch anything I want. Although most of the time I visit home I'm so behind with or clueless about all the series I end up not bothering.
But not this time! Christmas means good telly, everyone knows that. So in order to be able to say I did at least one thing slightly productive today I thought I'd compile a little list of Christmas and new year telly shows that I would recommend. I'm sure there's loads of great things I've missed out or am yet to catch up on so feel free to point those out or leave any recommendations in the comments. Enjoy!

Note these come in no particular order! Click on the show title to be taken directly to the relevant iPlayer or On Demand viewer of the initial episode.

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Luther - BBC iPlayer Series 4 Episode 1 and 2

The first episode has you on the end of your seat immediately, a new series of grim and bloody murders with Luther battling with his ever present demons. If you haven't already watched the previous series you may be a little lost at first, not knowing Luther's relationships with past and present characters but I don't think that means you can't enjoy the new series. In the second episode Luther proves just how good he is, biting off a hell of a lot but never more than he can chew (look forward to some impressive metaphorical chewing!). Not only is he chasing, not that Luther ever really chases but maybe speeds up his swagger a bit, after the solutions to two mysterious crimes but also has a few assassins on his tail. As always there's the perfect balance of trouble, enigma and action.  If you're a fan of crime drama, Luther is a must! The previous series are all on Netflix (or were last time I checked) and the two latest episodes will be available to download or stream from BBC iPlayer until the 14th January and 21st January.
Although I wouldn't recommend this to the overly squeamish or faint hearted. 

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Sherlock - The Abominable Bride

The Abominal Bride was a much anticipated television release, as we're been left Sherlock-less for an entire year, and we'll be deprived again for another year. The new series won't be airing until 2017, how cruel they are to us!
Things are picked up exactly where they were left off last year, but at the end of the episode they were in pretty much in the same place. That's not to say nothing happened, on the contrary quite a lot did just not in the fictional 'real' world that our Sherlock and Watson usually inhabit in the 21st Century. Instead we witness the creepy case of the Abominable Bride as Sherlock envisions the 200 year old murders from his mind palace. It's awfully typical Holmes drama as it was before he was updated for the BBC. Some fans had a few complaints about the jumps back in time, and failure to drive the overall plot forward much but I failed to be upset by this, and didn't find the changes in time disrupting at all.
What's great about it in fact means that you can enjoy this particular episode whether you've seen the previous series or not, except that you might want to ignore all the present day snippets and mentions of Moriarty as they won't make sense at all. The previous episodes are all on Netflix too!
This special episode will available to watch online until 31st January. 

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Made in Chelsea: Christmas and New Year

Who doesn't love a bit of MiC? Okay, I guess there's actually a fair amount of people who often complain about these kinds of reality shows. But never mind, as I, for on,e am not the type to be ashamed of my tastes in, well, anything! I've never enabled a private session on Spotify in my life, so if haters gonna hate, they can carry on with it. Whether I fancy disney tunes, abit of Elvis or Parkway Drive I ain't going to feel bad about it and I sure am not going to change! In fact I shall happily admit that I can have trashy taste in TV sometimes but whatever, I'm happy doing me.
Made in Chelsea was filled with drama for the festive season, whether it be backstabbing and bitching, relationship dramas or outfit inspo to die for it's all covered! With just the right about of class. Champers all round, me thinks.

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Mrs Brown's Boys: Christmas and New Years Special

Watching Mrs Brown's Boys on Christmas and New Year's Day is a must in my house. It's a classic! If you haven't seen it before you have been missing you for too long and need to change that fact. If you're in need of a giggle what with the January blues potentially setting in you can find both episodes on BBC iPlayer  until 29th January and 31st January.

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Snow Wolf Family and Me

Shortly after Christmas I was brought to tears by this two part documentary which shows the incredibly hard lives of a family of snow wolves. There are stunning shots of these magnificent animals, as one wildlife cameraman begins his journey living next to and following the small pack. These beautiful yet incredibly dangerous creatures appear to build a relationship with him; it's rather endearing to watch as each member of the pack becomes more confident and comfortable in front of the camera, letting their personalities show. I would recommend Snow Wolf Family and Me to anyone, even if you're not typically a fan of wildlife shows as it is a truly heart-warming, wonderfully entertaining and informative show, portraying the kind of experience I yearn for!
Both episodes available until 23rd January.

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And Then There Were None

Gorgeous actors (including our recognisable Poldark - it's worth watching just for the topless shots), gorgeous fashion, gorgeous art deco furnishings and murder. Of course I was completely taken with this mini series. Based on Agatha Christie's novel, this crime thriller is definitely a must watch!

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Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

Last but not least is Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas Special, something I wouldn't have expected to be adding. I have never watched it before, but at my mom's request, or demand rather, we all watched the Christmas special and funnily enough I really enjoyed it! The dances were all great and very entertaining, however some of the attempts at humour by the hosts fell flat.
The costumes and make up were spectacular and I completely agreed with the audience's chosen champion. It'll make you want to dance or at least get lessons, speaking of which where do I sign up!? You can watch this until the 24th January!


  1. I did exactly the same as you when coming home from uni, I never watched TV there so coming home and watching it was one of the perks. Mostly I was like you, so behind on everything that it seemed not worth bothering but I went home for Christmas as well this time round and really enjoyed spending some quality time with the Christmas TV!

    I'm an episode behind on Luther but caught up on Sherlock yesterday, I was a little confused at times but the throw back in time didn't put me off it like it did for some. It was still the same Sherlock really, but I didn't realise the next series wasn't starting until next year - they really do tease us with Sherlock!

    I mainly watched all the Disney Christmas films after catching up on other bits and bobs which was thoroughly enjoyable :)

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year!

    Issy | MissIsGoode xox

  2. Firstly thank you for taking the time to read and comment, huge appreciation! I know, I was pretty sore about it when I found out but then again I wouldn't be keeping up with a new series what with uni anyhow so shouldn't complain.
    Disney films are the best! I'm forever having disney binges at home and on netflix!

    Same to you, all the best!
    Loz xxx