Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Him

As Christmas draws closer, stress levels tend to rise - there's so much to think about after all! Can it really be helped if someone is left off our gift shopping list, or we just put everything off until the last minute? So, I've covered some gift inspiration for the ladies in your life, now for the men!
(Organised from lowest to highest price)

Grooming Kit For Men, Bulldog Skincare £15.00
 Cruelty-free and vegan skincare designed especially for men's skin, not a bad gift, ey? This is my boyfriend's favourite brand of skincare (when he bothers to buy it that is). So there's a trustworthy review there!

Blue Dragons Breath Incense Burner with Cones, Shamans Crystal £17.99
 Who doesn't love incense!? Plus most guys room's could do with an improvement in smell... (or at least a good deal of the ones I know could!) Dragons are cool, fact. So there's two birds with one stone!

Desktop Arcade Machine, Men Kind £19.99
 I feel like this one needs no explanation.

Round Window Hip Flask, Not on High Street £26
 A hip flask is a kinda classic idea, and personally I think it's one of those golden oldies. Obviously you might want to check that the person you have in mind actually likes to drink, and likes to drink something that will actually go in a flask. But this one is a steal, and you can have it personalised!

Lucifer Belt, Religion £30

The Bluebeards Revenge Deluxe Kit, Bluebeards Revenge £34.99
Another cruelty-free pampering kit! Well, not really pampering, but guys deserve to be able to look after their skin and appearances too.

Leather Bracelet in Black, Fossil £39
Men's jewellery is now a thing, something that I am completely cool with - unlike the god forsaken man bun. That rock star look gets me every time, so a couple of years ago a got my guy something very similar to this. He loved it, and now has an antichrist style necklace to  go with. But ofcourse just double check that the boy/man/fish or whatever you have in mind is into it.

Positive Vibration On-Ear Headphones in Rasta, Marley £49.99
 A pair to match the purple ones in my other gift inspiration post, because as I've said before Music deserves Marleys.

Tommy Hilfiger Eton Mini Billfold with Keyfob Giftbox, House of Fraser £60 £48

Neon Jellyfish Lamp, Men Kind £59.99

I have one more gift inspiration post, then it should be back to some more 'talkative' posts. Hope you're all enjoying the festive period!

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