Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Her

I must start off this post with an apology for letting my blog content slip, unfortunately it's that time of the year where exam revision and essay writing is taking over, and what little time I have free I want to spend doing festive things with the family and/or boyfriend, or just getting some me time! I'm hoping the holiday season may give me a little time to get writing 'real' content again, as I do miss it! Till then I'm doing what I can to keep everything updated as regularly as possible, so please bare with me even if these wishlists and gift inspiration posts are starting to drive you mad!

So as christmas is getting almost too close for comfort, some of us may be needing a bit of a nudge (if not a very sharp elbow) to push us out into the cold, wet weather and finally get the christmas shopping sorted before it's too late! My shoe wishlists seemed to go down well so I thought I'd try out something similar for Christmas. The below are all ideas as to what to get that lady in your life, whether she be friend, family, lover or secret santa. (Organised from lowest to highest price).

 Bonsai Tree Kit - Grow two Bonsai Trees, - £7.99 + P&P

Bonsai Trees are gorgeous so what could be more fun than growing your own, whether the person you have in mind is a green thumb or not it doesn't really matter! They're quite low maintenance plants and can add a much needed element of 'zen' to your life. I bought my sister one of these as a house warming present and she was over the moon, but due to her perfectionist nature is yet to plant hers yet.  All the meticulous research that she conducted led her to the realisation that apparently although you can plant them any time of year, spring is best.
Can you think of a sweeter stoking filler? Or a more perfect secret santa!?

Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book, Waterstones (Available at other retailers) £9.95 £7.46

Adult colouring books have been getting a lot of attention over the last year, and seem to be the 'in' past-time of 2015. I love the idea of having a soothing yet creative outlet.
The Enchanted Forest is more than just a colouring book, there's hidden objects and symbols to find as you go through the book, which makes it a bit different. Plus the outlines are just mesmerising!

Daisy Street Sleepy Sheep Slippers, (Available in sizes S-L), ASOS £11.99

Us girls are relatively simple beings, contrary to popular beliefs. When out and about we will generally sacrifice all to look our best but at home that goes out the window as comfort becomes key. But then again if we can look cute at the same time, we're not going to say no!
Now in my mind, slippers are an essential item; I don't know how I'd survive without mine! I can't help but pity anyone crazy or naive enough to be living without them. So as sleepwear tends to be a kind of traditional Christmas gift, and while some of us can be fussy about what we'll wear to bed (if anything) slippers can be relatively straightforward present! Plus even if the person you're thinking of usually prefers booties to slip-ons I'm sure they'll be too happy to compromise for these adorable fleeced sleepy sheep ones!

Springtime Fae Flower Ear Cuff in Brass, Jynxsbox on Etsy £13.65 + P&P

Not sure what to get a girl? The usual advice is to get  perfume, chocolate or jewellery, but to be honest I really don't think they are very good suggestions. I find perfume to be something quite personal and therefore only people that really know me can succeed in picking out the perfect scent. On the other hand chocolate just says that you either couldn't be bothered or didn't think hard enough which isn't really a very nice message. Finally jewellery, now actually this isn't too bad an idea, as long as you can actually see the girl you have in mind wearing it! I, for one, will only ever wear silver jewellery (with the odd exception) so anything else is a waste of time and money plus I'll think you're an idiot.
Saying all this it is the thought that counts, but if you haven't really put much thought into it can you blame your gift-receiver for being disappointed.
Taking the time to find something different and original from an independent store or business is a great way to avoid that disappointment. Plus you can find such gems, like this gorgeous ear cuff!

Wooden Jewellery Box, HappyFlying on Etsy £17.05 + P&P

So maybe you can't afford to buy that special girl in your life the shiny or sparkly item she wanted this year, so how about a beautiful hand carved jewellery box?

English Garden Gift Bag, Northumbrian Candleworks £17.50

I'm pretty sure everyone has a weak spot for candles, whether it's the mood, aesthetic or scent they give off. These soy candles smell and look gorgeous at no expense to the environment!

It may just be me but when it comes to gifts you can't go wrong with homeware or stationary. I can be a little obsessive at times, especially when I see a mini tea set as badass as this!

Whether you're makeup savvy or not, I'm quite confident that you will have heard about Gwen Stefani's latest venture with Urban Decay. The birth of the above palette caused quite a stir and has had great reviews all over the interwebs. The fact that the palette is cruelty-free (important fact!) has had me debating whether to put it on my own Christmas list or now, unfortunately I feel it'd be a step back in my quest to go all vegan but that doesn't mean somebody else can't enjoy this beauty! Damn my principles for depriving me.

 Positive Vibration On-Ear Headphones in Purple, Marley £49.99

One of the best things my boyfriend has ever bought me is my Marleys. I struggle to remove them from my head, the quality is amazing and for the price! Everyone should really have a good set of on-ear headphones in their life - they can bring so much happiness. Music deserves Marleys end of. 
Night Sky Openwork Charm, Pandora £55 

Finally, Pandora has released a set of Christmas 2015 charms my favourite of which is this one. 

I would always encourage trying to support independent businesses all year round, but especially over the festive period, and really thinking about what you're buying! This time of year creates so much waste, I'd rather not be promoting anyone adding to it. 

I shall very shortly be uploading variations of this list for the men, or fluffy creatures in your life so stay tuned! 

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