Monday, 14 December 2015

A/W Shoes Wish List III: Flats

Last but not least comes the final post in my little shoes wish-list collection. Personally I don't tend to wear a lot of flats, as I've already said I'm more of a boot person but I have to say some of the recent styles - especially the platform trend - has me filled with shoe lust. I truly hope that you've enjoyed this set of posts, being my first fashion related content I'm really eager to know if you enjoyed them and would like me to do more! So I beg you to let me know your opinions in the comments. I have to say I'm happy for any excuse to go window shopping and had a lot of fun creating this set.
Now, on with the show!

When creepers first appeared in the shops, I was not a fan at all. I just didn't like them, no real reason. But they have grown on me, and I guess they suit my day-to-day style more now than then they ever would have back when they first hit the shops. 

Mel Pop11 Pump Black Ivory Flower £36

 I only currently own a single pair of dolly shoes, which I got from Primark, and their only purpose is to be shoved in a bag ready for the tail-end of a night out.  Due to medical issues I just don't find them comfortable, and they tend to make my general back pain and joint ache worse if the soles are too thin (hence the amount of platform shoes in this post). However the above are ridiculously sweet.

Kurt Geiger Carvela Latch £99 (also available in Navy)

My mother wouldn't be a fan of the above shoes, and she can't help on occasionally commenting that a certain element of my wardrobe might be a little 'butch'. Bless her. But I love them, they look so wearable as well, whatever the look or occasion (well within reason)!

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