Saturday, 26 December 2015

App of the Month: Monument Valley

It’s that time again, but instead of the usual lifestyle phone applications I tend to promote. . This month I’m reviewing a game *shock horror*! Unlike a lot of people I very rarely indulge in games on my phone, with the only exception being the odd Sudoku session. To this day, I have never downloaded or ever played candy crush, temple run, flappy bird or any other of those supposedly addictive games. So those kinda trends are always lost on me.
However on stumbling upon Monument Valley when it was free as part of an apple promotion, this all momentarily changed, and suddenly I completed all the free levels in a single train journey – instead of doing my usual reading or bit of uni work. And to my dismay I couldn’t help myself from parting with the £1.49 it cost to unlock the next set of chapters. I think that must be the first time I have ever spent money in the app store ever. So surely this game must be amazing right?

 Name: Monument Valley
Price: £2.99 (In game purchases)
Available On: Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows
Category: Games

If you haven’t heard of Monument Valley you’re behind the times. This game, made by Ustwo Games, has won a multitude of awards over the last couple of years including ‘2014 Apples iPad Game of the Year’ and ‘BAFTA 2015 Best Mobile and Handheld.’

The general aesthetic is just beautiful, and the music/sound-effects? Well they're chilled to match. This is one game where the first thing you do will NOT be going to the settings to turn off all sound. It makes a nice change, I'm sure. For some reason I want to compare Monument Valley to a form of meditation, as playing is like taking time out.

Your aim is to navigate the character, Ida, through a stunning yet challenging world of architecture. I would say it basically tests your logic and creativity through a series of puzzles, with the architecture being the pieces! The paths you can take from A to B all depend on perspective, as you can turn and twist the buildings to find new doors and pathways. This game operates on that age old saying that no everything is as it seems. 

After having conquered the initial chapters of Monuments Valley, it took me just over an hour to complete 'Forgotten Shores' (In-app Purchase) and 'Ida's Dream' but after a few days break I was only too happy to go through and reply all the levels again! With fresh eyes it does take a while to figure out each level again, but things do get easier as you get to know what kinda hints to look for.

As always there's only so much I can say in one of these pieces, and the screen shots do really speak as to the prettiness and fluency of the game. Obviously I got the game for free when it was on promotion, but it's now back to costing £2.99 on the apple app store and most other platforms. If we're contemplating value for money, I'm never going to guve a good review as I just never see the point of spenind the money on apps or phone games and would always rather go without. But, saying that I know many people who will happily spend money of apps, and a few who aren't as frivilous and all of them love and have therefore purchasd this game! 
Let me know what you think about paying for apps in general, but games especially! & ofcourse your opinions of Monument Valley. 

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