Monday, 9 November 2015

Remember, Remember

If you’re looking for bad quality photos of fireworks, and lots of them, you came to the right place.

Guy Fawkes, now more commonly known as Bonfire Night, marks my favourite time of year. The most obvious reason for this is fireworks (duh!). Fireworks are just amazing! But that’s not the only thing that makes this time so special to me.

Although many say that the start of the cold weather rushing in, and days getting darker isn’t cause for celebration, I disagree. I’m not a Christmas fan, I find every year a disappointment and the end of another year always makes me feel anxious.
But as the leaves started to change back at the end of August I was already starting to feel the excitement while researching firework displays. I feel my happiest walking in the fresh autumn morning air, the soft crunch of leaves underfoot.

Autumn has the be the prettiest season, the elegance with which the trees shred their leaves and the sheer amount of reds, oranges, golds and yellows that fill the world – when everything around you is dying it’s hard not to feel more alive.

Then we fill the skies with fireworks. 

As Remembrance Day approaches and the paper and plastic poppies fill supermarket entrances alongside the rattling of money tins. It’s a nice time to look back on the year that’s gone (or at least on its way out), on all the time that’s passed and remember.
The sobriety of this time of year just really appeals to me. All the remembering that’s supposed to happen whether it’s the 5th November, Flanders fields, or your own journey. The celebrations that are occurring now seem to be more appropriate than Christmas and often more personal. We see the look of mourning everywhere, the skies begin to break with endless tears as the widows and soldiers fall to their knees.  On Halloween we celebrate the darkness in the world and warn off evil spirits, and then a few days later set fire to men in order to light up the sky.  

I don’t really know what I’m trying to express within this this post or if there is any aim at all. I think it’s just an excuse to share a little bit more of the way my head works and some pretty pictures.

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