Wednesday, 18 November 2015

App of the Month: Animal-Free

Name: Animal-Free

Price: Free

Available On: Apple & Android

Category: Reference / Lifestyle

It’s that time again, where I update you on my favourite, and most used, app of the month. For those readers of mine that are not aware, I’m currently going under a gradual transition into a Vegan lifestyle. The app I'm highlighting this month has been a major help when undergoing this change. 

Animal-Free is essentially a database of ingredients which allows you to filter Vegan and Animal products, so you can always be sure of what you’re eating, wearing, coating your lashes in etc. It’s ridiculously easy to use and navigate. Making it perfect for use while on the move! These ingredients can be filtered through tabs ‘All’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Always’, so you can choose to; show all ingredients that may have animal sources, those which have animal and possible vegan friendly sources, or finally, all ingredients that are always animal derived. These lists often include vegetarian friendly ingredients. 

On the flipside, literally just press the ‘V’ and the screen will flip, you will find a list of ingredients that are always vegan. The only exceptions I have found to this rule so far are soy and margarine – but I’d say it’s pretty accurate!

But not to worry as you don’t just have a list to go by, simply clicking on any ingredient will open up a panel offering you more information on the source of the ingredient and, if its animal derived, a list of plant based alternatives. How neat is that!?  I use this app regularly when doing my shopping so I can quickly and easily search any ingredient I’m not sure about. Three seconds later and I have a verdict and can determine whether to buy or not to buy! 

You're probably starting to see why this app is so helpful, but there's more! That’s not the only option, you can also search products! However the results you may get from this can vary as it reports vegan status based on user’s votes. Personally I can’t judge how reliable that database is which means I haven’t really been using it myself.

Next month I’ll be highlighting yet another app I love to use, but in the meantime if you enjoyed this post have a read of my past App of the Month reviews:

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