Thursday, 26 November 2015

A/W Shoes Wishlist II: Heels

Welcome back to the second part of my Shoes series, and this time I'm gushing over some gorgeous heels. Christmas and New Year are on their way so we all have a great excuse to splurge on a new pair, or ten, to hit the town in! 

Block heels are just so 70's and I love the whole rock chick attitude vibes the above give off. When it comes to special occasions, no matter how special, I may be a little different than most in the way that I tend to plan my outfit from my feet up. My shoes are always investment pieces for me, and one of the easiest ways to make a statement. The simplest outfit can be transformed by a great pair of shoes!

Kurt Geiger Carvela Glow £130 £99 (also available in Nude and Black/Silver)
Jeffrey Campbell Flambae $170

Talk about vintage pin-up realness. I can definitely see Imelda May in the Flambaes.

Kurt Geiger Carvela Glamorous £130 £39

I absolutely adore block heels, hence the huge amount of them on this post, and they are so on trend at the moment.  

Jeffrey Campbell Valita $180

I should really apologise for the amount of Jeffrey Campbell's on this post, especially as the majority of them are not available in the UK as of yet. However is I had to pick a brand award shoes of the year to I think there'd be much of a competition.

Jeffrey Campbell Simones $175

Not all heels have to be high. These two pairs of mid-heels are adorable! And suitable for wear whether that be day or night. 

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Monday, 23 November 2015

A/W Shoes Wishlist: Boots

Hello, my lovelies. Welcome to my first ever fashion blog post! I'm starting off small by creating a series of wish lists for this season. I'm a shoe person, they're my weakness. If you've ever seen In Her Shoes and can remember the little speech that Rose (Toni Collette) gives about her love for shoes, well I truly relate to that. As a typically insecure girl, despite my feet not exactly being the favourite part of my body, it's hard to get nervous or insecure about feet once they're laced up in the most luxurious well fitting shoes. Saying that, I do get anxious about a few things shoe related - like showing off my gross toes or a certain style making my feet look ridiculously big, and then the fact that a too higher heel might make me look like more of a giant... But I guess these are the issues all tall girls face and I have to say my confidence is growing with age - plus I love shoes too much to let pretty much anything put me off buying or wearing them, well except for lack of funds. 
Anyhoo, this is not a post about body/feet issues but shoes! Woop, woop, and I'll be starting with my favourite kind - boots. I find boots are great all year round, and personally find them the easiest and comfiest to style, and are more relevant than ever at this time of year! So a few of my favourites from this season.

Until recently I didn't think I was really old enough to pull of the look of knee or thigh high boots and therefore would always stick to ankle boots. Over the last year I've found myself being drawn towards this style, which is something completely new to me. However like with everything else, I'm a fussy when it comes to these. I don't like how they look if they don't fit a person's calves properly and I much prefer the ones with a decent block heel or wedge, like these 2 Jeffrey Campbells. I'm afraid I'm not one for stiletto boots either. Saying all this I really like these Dr Martens, they came out a year or 2 ago, the fact that they're laced means you can tighten them to fit and the ribbon gives the typical Dr Marten/army style boot a great girly edge.

Josef Seibel Sandra 04 Ankle Boots Casual Boots £95 £85 (also available in Taupe)
Miss KG Seattle £90 (also available in Tan)
Jeffrey Campbell Hot-Boss $225

There's nothing worse than having cold toes! These Josef Seibels look like the perfect cure to that, and ready to keep your feet warm and looking great whatever the elements. 

Jones Bootmaker Odette Ankle Boots £99 (also available in Tan) 
Kurt Geiger Carvela Supremo in Wine £160 (also available in Tan and Black)

By now you've probably noticed a pattern - all these shoes are wine or black. My wardrobe in general tends not to stray too far from a darker theme with most key pieces being either of these too colours. Plums and wines are generally my favourite colours and they seem to be the starring shades of the high street at the moment which is pretty lucky for me!

How gorgeous are these Jeffrey Campbells!? Velevet is returning to the limelight this season, it's such a beautiful fabric I'd be happy to cover myself in it from head to toe! Excuse the pun.. 

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

App of the Month: Animal-Free

Name: Animal-Free

Price: Free

Available On: Apple & Android

Category: Reference / Lifestyle

It’s that time again, where I update you on my favourite, and most used, app of the month. For those readers of mine that are not aware, I’m currently going under a gradual transition into a Vegan lifestyle. The app I'm highlighting this month has been a major help when undergoing this change. 

Animal-Free is essentially a database of ingredients which allows you to filter Vegan and Animal products, so you can always be sure of what you’re eating, wearing, coating your lashes in etc. It’s ridiculously easy to use and navigate. Making it perfect for use while on the move! These ingredients can be filtered through tabs ‘All’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Always’, so you can choose to; show all ingredients that may have animal sources, those which have animal and possible vegan friendly sources, or finally, all ingredients that are always animal derived. These lists often include vegetarian friendly ingredients. 

On the flipside, literally just press the ‘V’ and the screen will flip, you will find a list of ingredients that are always vegan. The only exceptions I have found to this rule so far are soy and margarine – but I’d say it’s pretty accurate!

But not to worry as you don’t just have a list to go by, simply clicking on any ingredient will open up a panel offering you more information on the source of the ingredient and, if its animal derived, a list of plant based alternatives. How neat is that!?  I use this app regularly when doing my shopping so I can quickly and easily search any ingredient I’m not sure about. Three seconds later and I have a verdict and can determine whether to buy or not to buy! 

You're probably starting to see why this app is so helpful, but there's more! That’s not the only option, you can also search products! However the results you may get from this can vary as it reports vegan status based on user’s votes. Personally I can’t judge how reliable that database is which means I haven’t really been using it myself.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Remember, Remember

If you’re looking for bad quality photos of fireworks, and lots of them, you came to the right place.

Guy Fawkes, now more commonly known as Bonfire Night, marks my favourite time of year. The most obvious reason for this is fireworks (duh!). Fireworks are just amazing! But that’s not the only thing that makes this time so special to me.

Although many say that the start of the cold weather rushing in, and days getting darker isn’t cause for celebration, I disagree. I’m not a Christmas fan, I find every year a disappointment and the end of another year always makes me feel anxious.
But as the leaves started to change back at the end of August I was already starting to feel the excitement while researching firework displays. I feel my happiest walking in the fresh autumn morning air, the soft crunch of leaves underfoot.

Autumn has the be the prettiest season, the elegance with which the trees shred their leaves and the sheer amount of reds, oranges, golds and yellows that fill the world – when everything around you is dying it’s hard not to feel more alive.

Then we fill the skies with fireworks. 

As Remembrance Day approaches and the paper and plastic poppies fill supermarket entrances alongside the rattling of money tins. It’s a nice time to look back on the year that’s gone (or at least on its way out), on all the time that’s passed and remember.
The sobriety of this time of year just really appeals to me. All the remembering that’s supposed to happen whether it’s the 5th November, Flanders fields, or your own journey. The celebrations that are occurring now seem to be more appropriate than Christmas and often more personal. We see the look of mourning everywhere, the skies begin to break with endless tears as the widows and soldiers fall to their knees.  On Halloween we celebrate the darkness in the world and warn off evil spirits, and then a few days later set fire to men in order to light up the sky.  

I don’t really know what I’m trying to express within this this post or if there is any aim at all. I think it’s just an excuse to share a little bit more of the way my head works and some pretty pictures.

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