Friday, 30 October 2015

Mourning Halloween

Halloween always use to be my favourite holiday, and it breaks my heart that I can no longer call it that. As a child I would always count down the days every year, getting super excited as the shops began to fill with all the spooky stuff! Some of my happiest childhood memories include gummy vampire teeth, funky nails, face paint and A LOT of fake blood. But unfortunately those days are no more. *sniff* *sniff*

Every year I get a warm feeling as I see the fake spider webs reappear, but then it’s all lost when I remember that I’ve been left shut out from it all. Since entering adulthood, Halloween has left me and my undead heart broken. What is there to do on All Hallows’ Eve as a 21 year old student that doesn’t involve drinking?

That’s the problem… There isn’t really. At least not that I know of! If you do have any ideas please share them with me!!

Although the thrill of getting my costume sorted and all dressed up has been enough to drive me out once or twice I never really enjoy it. Like I never enjoy drinking or clubbing. I don’t know why every year I think the 31st October would be any different. This year’s going to be different though, as I’m not quite sure how I feel about not having anything planned. Or rather nothing that involves the usual costume and decorations, a rather depressing thought. 

But at least I’m breaking the cycle of having another disappointing night. For once I’m staying in, I’ve planned a night of classic horrors with my best boy friend. 

Being teetotal has a great deal of benefits and it’s a lifestyle that has always suited me, except for at this one time of year. I can’t help but be forever envious of those who can still experience the full potential of the night! 

As I pack up my box of tricks and say goodbye to my spookiest nightmares, I wish you all a great Halloween. Please if you have any advice or suggestions as to what I can do with myself in future years do share! Or if you feel my pain I’d love you to get in touch as well.

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