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App of the Month: Elevate

This marks my 3rd app of the month post which make this my third month of blogging. I have to say I’ve been enjoying the journey so far, and although this blog is for me firstly and foremost I am missing having any feedback or interaction with you, my readers. Therefore I’d like to start this post with a bit of a plea, talk to me! I would highly appreciate any and all response, comment on any and all of my posts. So do that, pretty pretty please with sugar on top. If you don’t know what to say, then I’ve made a little survey which I’d appreciate anyone filling out.

So let me dust the dirt from my knees, and get back on to the matter in hand. The application I want to highlight this month, which won Apple’s App of the Year in 2014, is called Elevate. 
Name: Elevate
Price: Free (Upgrade to ‘Pro’ available at an extra cost)
Available on: Apple & Android
Category: Education

Do you remember that brain training game that came out on Nintendo DS? Well Elevate is just an app of that! The application includes lots of fun little mini-games, each of which aims to improve your skills in a specific area. You’ll be tested through the means of writing, listening, reading and math. Simply set a goal number of times to ‘train’ every week, then it’s just 10 minutes each time. Well depending how savvy and well-versed you are, you could be through it in only a couple minutes.
When you initially download the app you’ll complete a mini pop quiz to assess your current level, and from there on out the games shall adjust their difficulty automatically to allow your progression.

I’ve been playing around with this app for about 6 months and generally manage to meet my goal of training 5 times each week without too much hardship. I just a week Elevate told me I’d made improvements but I wasn’t sure if I agreed, but now, after 6 months, I can definitely see a difference.
Elevate isn’t designed to work on your general mental capabilities or logic but rather your ‘practical’ metal skills. By this I simply mean things like mental arithmetic, speedy calculations, spelling, grammar, punctuation and reading speeds. The great thing about this is that you can actually measure your improvements yourself, they’re not too subconscious for you not to notice a difference. Plus unlike some of those classes in school that left the majority of us wandering ‘why exactly do I need to know this?’ or ‘how exactly will this even remotely aid me in my day-to-day life?’ Elevate works on straight up, straight-forward helpful skills that we do all use in everyday life (whether we’re aware of it or not).

As a English student who spends a lot of time writing and proof reading essays I cannot stress the difference this simple app with its simple training has helped me. Gone are the days where I was continuously having to look up the correct uses of colons or semi-colons and there is no more stressing over whether my syntax (grammar) is really correct or not. Thanks to Elevate and my 5 minute interaction with it 3-5 times a week I’m now a pro. Things I never thought I’d be able to grasp 100% are now practically innate.

Another great feature of Elevate is its Study tab which is loaded with tips and crib notes on several topics. So whether you want to brush up on your enunciation or word fundamentals you can access this little treasure trove of useful information, allowing you to independently revise or study such things. Using this tab will enable your progression through the ‘levels’ of the app but you don’t exactly need to use it if you don’t want to, it’s simply another way Elevate is trying to support your growing skills within or out of the app.
The game is initially free so why not download it today and give it go!

PRO vs. Free 

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been using this app for a while, but I am yet to feel the need to upgrade to Elevate’s PRO package. Of course there are several reasons to pay for pro, the big one being all the additional content, but personally the free portion fits all my needs.
So reasons to go ‘pro’:
- 14 extra games exclusive to pro users
- Unlimited access to 35+ games
- Access to more premium learning content under the Study tab.

To go PRO you must enter a monthly or yearly subscription with Elevate, prices are available in app or on the Elevate app website. 

More information is available on the Elevate app website

Next month I’ll be highlighting yet another app I love to use, but in the meantime if you enjoyed this post have a read of my past App of the Month reviews:

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