Monday, 5 October 2015

4/10 Mallory Knox @ Cardiff

I spent the majority of last night waiting. Waiting the hour to get into Cardiff University’s Student Nightclub Venue, Y Plas; waiting the 45 minutes to get served at the bar; patiently waiting between arseholes who didn’t care that I was there only that my view of the stage might be ever so slightly better than theirs. But trust me all that waiting was WELL worth it. 

Last night I saw one of my favourite bands of the moment, and it was fantastic. I can’t even describe how well they performed. While a Scottish rock band, The Xcerts, and American pop-punk group, Set It Off, provided great warm-up entertainment I’m afraid nothing can distract from the main act. Mallory, you absolutely killed it!
Despite being a self-professed fan of the band and an avid listener of both their Signals and Asymmetry albums, I wasn’t expecting the show that I actually got. We all know that live music can cause the songs to sound pretty different to their polished studio versions. But it wasn’t just that which had set my expectations ready for a… well average performance. The five-piece alternative band’s songs seemed like they’d be pretty damn hard to re-create live (all the overlapping vocals and rifts), but I was either mistaken or just hugely underestimated Mallory. Please don’t hold my lack of faith against me!

Y Plas was quite a sweet little venue, the limited size meant that the worst view you could get was still better than the average person would get at a festival. Plus luck was on my side as security allowed my boyfriend and me to watch from the photographer’s balcony, which had to be the best view (except for the occasional stage light being in the way). Unfortunately I only had my iphone 5c with me so the photos I managed to snap aren’t the best quality, and to be honest I was too busy singing (or screaming, rather) my heart out and bopping around like a mad women. It was epic. 

I felt privileged to be part of such a great crowd (minus the pretty pathetic circle pit attempters – sorry Mallory but you’re not heavy enough to justify it) who could join in with every word to every song bar one. Sneaking one of your EP releases into the set list caught me out, naughty! The intimacy of the venue just added to the experience, and it was such a cheap gig at only £15 a ticket. 

Mallory Knox will be continuing their homecoming tour this next week, so there’s still limited time to get hold of your tickets! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend a Sunday night, thank you to Mallory Knox for such a great show!

Image Credit: Mallory Knox's Facebook Page

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