Sunday, 13 September 2015

App of the Month: Bunny Free

This month's app is a handy tool for any of you that are thinking about going, or already shop cruelty-free. Last month I wrote a post all about Cruelty-Free and Vegan products; what they are, why you should switch and all the other information I could think to throw at you at the time. If you haven't already you can go back and read that here.

Name: Bunny Free
Price: Free
Available on: Android & Apple
Category: Lifestyle 

Bunny Free is PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) shopping guide, to sum it up in one line. This app allows you to search companies and their products to check if they're cruelty free and, if you fancy it, have a quick read of their basic animal testing policies. So, basically, you now have a pretty easy way to check if the products and brands you currently use or have on your wishlists are cruelty-free and to what extent. I have my fingers crossed for you and your favourite lipstick/eyeliner!  

A pretty handy little feature is the ability to scan products on the go.  Simply select scan and use your phone's camera  to lookup the bar-code of an item and you'll be taken straight to a summary of the company's details and its cruelty-free status. Simples!

Only issues is, and it's not too big a deal really, this is a US app so sometimes bar-codes might not register to the right item if you're in the UK, like me, or anywhere else that isn't America, quite a few of us I imagine.  This again means that you can occasionally run into a little trouble trying to find smaller or UK only brands but what with America trying to take over the world and all, or it's cosmetic industry at least, I assure you that you can find the majority of products and companies. Bigger companies have headquarters across the pond anyway so there'll be no issue with looking up Mac, Urban Decay, Benefit etc. 

Despite it's occasional grievances, as I am yet to stumble upon a UK or Europe specific version, Bunny Free is still a gem when is comes to time saving on research. It's database is updated regularly so you can be confident that it's giving you the correct policies as well, phew! No to mention that it has a cutie of an icon to prettify your homepage too!

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