Thursday, 20 August 2015

App of the Month: UNICEF Tap Project

Since starting this blog, a whole 4 days ago, my brain has been buzzing with ideas for posts. Some of these will take more time and research to make a reality than others, and while I’m yet to sort a routine and have my move back to Cardiff in September looming, I’m afraid I’ll only be sharing the simplest results of my brain storm for the time being. But it can’t be the worst thing in the world starting off small, can it?

This week I’ll be introducing a feature I hope to continue with. You guessed it, ‘App of the month.’ Whatever gave it away!?
IMG_5504I, like many I’m sure, am not the ‘head in my phone’ stereotype that other generations would like to believe me to be. Of course, I’m guilty of my fair share of tweets, follows, reblogs and facebook stalking, however I am certain that I never spend more than an average 2 hours a day on my phone, including the 2 daily half hour phone calls I have with my boyfriend. The point is I miss a great deal of things that go on on social media, and find myself forever behind the ‘times’. (That however might change what with my now being a blogger and all.) Yet despite this I do own an iphone and like to explore the applications available to me as an apple and iphone user. Therefore each month I shall choose, share and review a new application, that I would recommend to any smartphone user.
On the subject of not always being on the phone, this month’s chosen application is the UNICEF tap project app. As many of you may already be aware UNICEF is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children all over the globe, in any respect. For instance last year (2014) UNICEF helped immunize 40% of the world’s children, working in more than 190 countries. I didn’t even realize there were that many! But as google tells me that the modern world has 196 countries (including Taiwan) that means UNICEF is attempting to protect the children of practically all of them.

Now UNICEF are asking for an ickle bit of help, but not in the form of donations. (Although it is a worthwhile cause and I would always encourage it.) Instead of asking for money UNICEF is simply challenging you to go without your phone.
The UNICEF Tap Project app simply times how long you can go without touching your phone whilst popping up with interesting facts and figures, and for every fifteen minutes you bank one of their sponsors will provide one days worth of clean water. Potentially a huge difference considering that nearly a thousand children are believed to die everyday from disease caused by unsafe water or the lack of effective sanitation facilities.
IMG_5509This app has received some criticism due  to the link between it and Giorgio Armani’s ‘Acqua di Gio’ perfume advertising. Although personally I’m not one to begrudge Armani, as one of the apps main sponsors, for trying to sell me, especially after the amount of this company donated to charity as a result of it’s ‘Acqua for Life’ campaign. At the end of the day the brand has to survive and is going to want to make more money than it’s giving away. If free advertising and a positive image with the help of UNICEF is the way they plan on doing it, while helping thousands of children… Well, that’s fine by me.

While I have no intention of buying Armani’s perfume, I will continue to use the app, not so much to challenge myself to go without my phone, although time away from it can only be beneficial, but rather to do some good for the world and it’s children. For at this moment of time I cannot fund substantial donations of either money or time myself.

To get the app click here or visit the UNICEF website.

Price: FREE
Available on: All Platforms (Android, Apple, Windows etc.)
Genre: Lifestyle/Charity

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